How might we gather insights to design healthier eating habits for families

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Project: How might we gather insights to design healthier eating habits for families?

insight #1: Choosing Food Requires Training

Choosing food is the first and important process of cooking food. Boston Medical Center helps people who can’t make healthy meal to train by 2 ways.
- demonstrating how to cook
- demonstrating how to choose
I easily imagined that how to cook is important, however it is unpredictable that how to choose is important to make people healthier.

From my research of 3year-old daughter’s “first shopping challenge”, I found that people like to choose 2 types of food in food-choosing process.
- food they already tasted
- food with attractive appearance (package)

insight #2: Unfamiliar Food is the Risk for Usual Cooking

Currently, mothers tend to choose familiar foods for usual cooking. Why? Because they don’t want to fail and make their family disappointed by using unfamiliar food. Choose unfamiliar food is risk in this point.

They want to use food which they have already tasted.

The price, recipes, image of cooked food, nutrition data are less important.

insight #3: More Tasting Unfamiliar, More Smiling Your Kids

On the other hand, mothers want to use unfamiliar food, because they know it brings new happy experience and new healthier lives to their families.

Here we need innovative solution.

- Mothers don’t want to use unfamiliar food in usual cooking.
- Mothers want to use unfamiliar food to make their kids healthier and happier.

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